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May 9, 2019

Holy sh*t guys, this is a good one. Probably our best, ever. Maybe not just our best, because it may very well be THE best food podcast episode in all of existence. We knew inviting Daniel Gritzer into the studio was going to make for great radio -- he's the culinary director of Serious Eats, a chef with serious pedigree and experience, and a damn good time of a man on Twitter and in real life. We sat down ready to have an argument, but it was impossible once we asked Daniel to tell us a little bit about his background and we learned that this man's story is absolutely insane. There are horses and useless sheep, shirtless Australians and Nelson Mandela's (possible) best friend, and if that wasn't enough THERE ARE FREAKING LUTES. LUTES, PEOPLE! THOSE FUNNY LITTLE GUITAR LOOKING THINGS THAT ARE ONLY PLAYED BY OLD TIMEY MINSTRELS AND STING!

If you're a chef who wants to know what goes on in the mind of a food writing VIP, an aspiring writer who wants to know how to make it to the big time, or just someone who wants to know what happens when you shave a sheep's balls, then this is the podcast for you! If you enjoy it, kindly leave us a review and tell your friends -- the more people who hear this story, the more beautiful the world will be.